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Baby powder

Woodwick Candles

Baby powder


The powdered cream tones in this WoodWick candle imitate the purity and innocence of a new born child, surrounded by subtle and calming aromas. Relax into a state of serenity as whirls of vanilla and honeysuckle scents subtly envelop the surroundings.

This candle uses a wick made from organic wood which burns with the sound of a crackling fire, creating a sense of total relaxation. All WoodWick candles feature cross-shaped wooden wicks, which fill your room with fragrance five times quicker than the average cotton wick and provide a cleaner burn that doesn't leave any messy residue on the sides of the candle jar.

This candle has a total burning time of up to 180 hours, and its thick wooden lid is designed to be used as a base when the candle is in use.

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