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Icy Blue Spruce

Yankee Candle

Icy Blue Spruce


Icy Blue Spruce Small Jar Candle

Bring a fresh breath of winter forest-juniper berries, blue spruce, and spearmint leaves into your life with this brilliant fragrance from Yankee Candle. The top notes of fresh juniper and spearmint leaves offer a sharp and natural taste, whilst the middle notes of winter spruce, blackcurrant, and snow covered cedar give the woody, almost earthy, impression of wandering through a snow filled woods, with great cedars on all sides and evergreen spruces stretching for miles. The base notes of fir balsam and powdery musk complete the brilliant concoction.

This Small Jar Candle has a burn time of between 25-40 hours and brings a sense of soft spring fragrance to the home, be it in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or anywhere else. A fabulous gift for a friend or a treat for yourself.

The Holiday Sparkle collection from Yankee Candle shines bright every Christmas, with bold reds and elegant metallic bringing together sparkling warmth, refreshing optimism, and uplifting energy. Holiday sparkle is inspired by that magical hour of sunset with a fresh take on metallic, with prominent shine complemented by rich green, blue and red tones. A mixture of finishes sit alongside each other for a tactile and contemporary look.

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